Funeral Crosses Flowers

Funeral Crosses Flowers by Wigmore Florist

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4ft Openwork Cross Pink

This 4 foot cross is made in an openwork style rather than a solid padded style. Any colour scheme can be used.
3ft Open Cross – £100
4ft Open Cross – £150
5ft Open Cross – £200

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01634 378871 or 01634 378871

Based 4ft Cross Pink and White

This 4ft cross is what we call ‘based or padded’ work. Looks best when the base work is white chrysanthemums.  With your choice of ribbon colour or foliage edging, and a complimenting spray, this traditional funeral cross tribute is very stunning, especially in the 5ft size.
3ft Based Cross – £ 130.00
4ft Based Cross – £ 165.00
5ft Based Cross – £ 200.00

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