Funeral Flower Hearts

Funeral Flower Hearts by Wigmore Florist

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Traditional Red and White Based Heart.

This large heart was made on a 21 inch base and measured approximately 24 inch once ribboned.
It is a stunning piece of work, made in an almost 3D fashion.
Any colour ribbon can be used, and the sprays can be made to match.
A sash with a name or endearment can be added.

For this large 21inch frame heart budget £150.00
For the smaller 18 inch frame budget £ 135.00

Call us direct at Wigmore Florist on 01634 378871 or 01634 388343

For other heart designs please visit our online shop however for an item as special as this it is always best to ring directly to get our best advice.


Purple and White Traditional Heart

Here you can see a side angle of our large traditional based heart. The elevation of the heart shape can be clearly seen.
A sash with words has been added across the heart, this is optional.

Large 21inch frame heart – budget £150
Medium 18inch frame heart – budget £135
The actual size is about 3 inches wider once the ribbon or foliage edge is added.

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Our site will show you our standard funeral heart and pillow designs.