Funeral Tributes with a Musical Theme

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The bespoke musical themed funeral tributes shown are directly from us, and made by us These tributes are unique and will not be readily available online. We are here to help.

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This Accordian was lovingly created at Wigmore Florist. It may be a ‘one off’, but it is worth a show!

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Rolling Stones Lips

Again, another stunning tribute for the music lovers!

A large tribute, carefully constructed to embrace the various textures of the mouth – from the tip of the tongue to the mouth and the lips. The lovely fluffy texture provided by the red carnations replicate a fantastically textured tongue, in a beautiful contrast to the soft texture of the curved full lips and glossy white teeth.
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Funeral Pillow with Music – ‘The Lord Bless You and Keep You’

This large 21inch frame pillow measures around 24 inches when complete. Musical staves and notes have been added to create a very special pillow design. This particular hymn was chosen by the customer. The 21 inch heart frame was needed to allow enough space for the musical phrase.
Extra Large 21 inch Heart as shown – £150.00
Large 18 inch heart – budget £135.00

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Saxophone Funeral Wreath

This 14 inch wreath, made in purple and white, has a laminated picture of a saxophone added to the center.
Any picture could be added, although the wreath ring needs to be large enough to show off the picture to it’s best advantage.
Budget £80 for a wreath similar to this14 inch Saxophone wreath. Wreaths are available in 12,14,16,18, 21 and 24 inches. The wreaths can also be hung on easel stands to display them beautifully at the service.

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Shaking Stevens Wreath

This was made on an 18inch ring in order to fit the record in the center. The record sleeve was attached to the back of the wreath. Any LP could be used and you would need to budget around £100 to have the wreath similar to this one, with roses included. Any colour combination can be used.

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Electric Guitar

This electric guitar measures just over three feet long. It was made here at Wigmore Florist and our customer was extremely pleased with the end result. You would need to budget in the region of £180 for this tribute. Prices may vary slightly with the seasons.
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