Funeral Tributes Animals and Cuddly Creatures

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Brown Owl

Our lovely brown owl with his big yellow eyes, perches happily on his foliage covered branch, A very special piece made here at Wigmore Florist. This cute little owl sits at about 50cm with a total width of about 50cm, which includes the branch he or she is sitting on. This tribute is suitable for all types of people, elderly and young alike. You will need to budget in the region of £150.00, but normally we take a deposit and work out the item as we make it. Depending on the seasons the flower prices may change.

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Doggie in Basket Funeral Tribute

Created by Caroline, this Doggie in a Basket Sympathy Tribute is a lovely and fitting sympathy tribute for dog lovers everywhere, young and old alike.The little dog is shaped from white carnations and is sat in his basket surrounded by bright coloured flowers. We have made many of these, and you will need to spend around £85.00: more if you require Roses and Freesias, or any specialist flowers.
This is a great item for the family to take to the wake and later home with them, as it does not promote sadness, but encourages a smile at a very sad time.

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Fish Funeral Tribute

This scaly fish funeral tribute was about 65cm wide and about 45cm to it’s highest point. Completely constructed from individual leaves the real scaly texture of the fish was totally captured.
The cost of this piece relates more to it’s size and the time it takes than the produce used. You would need to budget around £125 – £150, paying £100 deposit and any extra upon completion.

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Teddy Bear Funeral Tribute

The customer chose to have this teddy bear in Navy and white, however any accent colour can be use, for example, baby pink or blue. Here at Wigmore Florist we make our teddies with a 3D effect, curving the arms and legs and raising the head and belly areas. We believe this to have a better overall appearance than completing the design totally flat. It measures approximately 60 x 45cm, for imperial lovers that is 2ft x 1.5ft. Budget £100 for a teddy bear design.

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Posy Pad with soft Tortoise Toy

Posy Pads can be used to home any small soft toy, and can be a more affordable tribute, and still be a unique and special item. This was a 14 inch posy pad base and the tortoise was supplied by the customer. The tortoise looked very comfortable surrounded by a garden of flowers. Budget anything from £50 upwards. Prices will increase with the size of posy pad needed to house the toy or stuffed animal.

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Wreath with Laminated Picture and Doggie Biscuits

Another very bespoke tribute. At the centre of this wreath is a picture of the deceased with his beloved corgi companion.  The customer supplied us with the picture and a selection of doggie biscuits which were incorporated into the design. The colours used complimented the picture and biscuits. The starting price for a 12″ wreath with a picture is £55.00. Our wreaths with laminated pictures are very popular and whilst creating a fitting and unique tribute, can be affordable. Please view our wreath page to see other designs we have created.

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