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Funeral Wreathes Flowers by Wigmore Florist

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Crossword Wreath

This is a very fitting tribute to any who loved their crosswords. This particular wreath was asked to be in red and white, however any colour scheme can be used. Special words were fitted within the crossword and then the picture was laminated.

12 inch wreath  – £55.00
14 inch wreath  – £75.00
16 inch wreath –  £95.00. (Shown)

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Vegetable Wreath

Ideal for an allotment lover or vegetarian, this stunning wreath and will be very eye catching and admired at any funeral. It is made on a large 16inch wreath frame using a selection of seasonal vegetable. Flowers can be included if required. The size when completed is around 20 inches. This wreath is made here at Wigmore Florist and may not be generally available on-line. If the funeral is out of our area, we suggest you collect from us the day before, or one the day, and take the tribute with you. The vegetable wreath is £100.00 We have also made a complete casket design of fruit and vegetables – see our casket design page.

On our FACEBOOK pages you can see many of our bespoke funeral pieces, and we are always here to help customise your particular sympathy tribute.

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Bingo Wreath

This bespoke funeral wreath was made for a bingo lover. The bingo balls and pens were supplied by the customer and were professionally arranged by us at Wigmore Florist to provide a very tailored tribute.

Budget – £80 – £100. We need to use a reasonable size ring to show off the bingo tickets.
Any flower colour scheme can be chosen for this funeral wreath, and it is an excellent example of how funeral tributes can be specially created to the customers requirements.

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Wreath with Playing Cards

This 14 inch ring was designed with a card player in mind. Any colour scheme can be used, however we tried to pick out the colours of the playing cards. The selection of playing cards were chosen by the customer and supplied by the customer.

Budget £75.00 for this size.


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Contemporary Grouped Design Wreath

This large designer wreath measured about 20 inches once completed. It was constructed on an 18 inch wreath ring, using groups of flowers and foliage techniques. The bright summery colours complimented the bamboo trellis work in the centre. These large individual wreaths are never exactly the same. Colour schemes and different shaped flowers will produce a slightly different look. As you can probably tell, this wreath has been professionally made by a florist, a person who knows how to get the very best from various plant materials. Budget £125.00 for this large designer wreath.

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Modern Wreath with Anthuriums

Another large designer wreath on an 18 inch ring, made at Wigmore Florist. Budget £125.00

Wreaths are not ‘old fashioned’, they can be a sunning and unique tribute and still have that traditional air about them. Easel stands can be obtained to display the wreath at the service, much like the Americans do.

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